We are Hanuman Originals

Original by name, original by nature, we were the first company to set up in Cambodia under the iconic Hanuman brand back in 1994. First came Hanuman Travel, one of the first destination management companies (DMCs) in the Kingdom that was namechecked as “one of the travel world’s top fixers” by The Sunday Times of London. Hanuman Films was founded back in 2000 and helped bring the original Lara Croft: Tomb Raider feature film to Cambodia, starring Angelina Jolie.

In the subsequent years, Hanuman Films has worked on dozens of productions with leading channels and on-demand distributors, including BBC, Netflix, Paramount, Discovery, National Geographic and more. Hanuman Films has also produced much of its own content, including feature film The Last Reel, winning the Spirit of Asia award for its director Kulikar Sotho on its premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Hanuman Originals brings the innovative vision and creativity that helped shaped Hanuman Travel and Hanuman Films to the world of storytelling, providing original content for productions, platforms and partners all over the world.